Mia Lily Portrait

Mia Portrait
Coloured pencil portrait of Mia Lily

So I decided to do another portrait of Mia. 🙂

I recently did a beginners art class with Worn Out Shoes Fine Art Studio where I was introduced to coloured pencils. I hadn’t used them since I was in school and I had no idea how to properly use them.

My final class project was finished before the last class, and I needed something to work on so I decided to try another portrait but using coloured pencils instead of graphite, which was all I had used (well, apart from a white pencil crayon for highlights) since I started drawing again.

Considering it’s only the 3rd thing I’ve done in colour I’m very happy with how it turned out.

If anyone’s interested, the first two things were in the art class and I have a clip of them on my Instagram.

Equipment used:

Portraitmate app on iPad to do the accurate outline drawing

Art-N-Fly oil based coloured pencils (72 pencil tin)

Generic embossing stylus (I think I got them on Wish) for the hair highlights

Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Pad

Build up the hair slowly, Do the lighter tones first. Then use the embossing stylus to mark in the strands of hair that you want to keep and then do the darker tones. Always go in the direction of the hair.
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Mia Portrait

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